9 Sure-Fire Ways to Win Every Argument

9 Sure-Fire Ways to Win Every Argument

win every argumentHave you ever found yourself in an argument with somebody and you’re just so damn right, but they don’t see it? Or am I the only one? You absolutely know the other person is wrong about something and you just can’t help but want to make sure they understand their flawed stance, but they just seem to want to stick to their guns even stronger. You just know that you should win every argument, because you’re so right, and you should get anything you want… right?. Whether it’s a prospect, a client, a supplier, or your mom, we just want to win every argument.

Here’s how to win every argument:

You can’t win an argument. You can’t win every argument because if you lose it, you lose it, and if you win it, you lose it. You lose rapport, you lose trust, and they just won’t like you.

Let’s say you triumph and prove to your opponent that they are in fact “wrong” and that they have no idea what they’re talking about. Then what? You will feel superior, but what about them? You’ve made them feel inferior and hurt their pride. They will resent your triumph and they will never see it your way, nor will they like you very much. And if you’re in a sales position, convincing your prospect why they’re wrong about you or your product never works.

9 Sure-Fire Ways to Ensure EVERYBODY Wins

  1. Welcome the disagreement – Perhaps you are about to learn something, maybe YOU  were wrong ;)
  2. Distrust your first instinctive impression – Our natural reaction is to become defensive. We’re typically not at our best when we’re defensive. Be on the lookout for this!
  3. Control your temper – You can measure the size of the person by what makes them angry
  4. Listen First – Do not resist, this only makes it worse. Hear out your opponent and try to build bridges of understanding
  5. Look for areas of agreement – Dwell only on the points on which you agree
  6. Be Honest – Look for areas where you can admit your error and voice them with apology. This will disarm your opponent.
  7. Promise to think over your opponent’s ideas and study them carefully – You must mean it. It is a lot easier to agree with them than move ahead so quickly that you find yourself in a position where your opponent can say, “I tried to tell you…”
  8. Thank your opponent sincerely for their interest – Think of your opponent as someone who wants to help you and thank them for the time they’re spending on the issue.
  9. Postpone action to give both sides time to think through the problem – ask yourself, “could my opponent be right? Is there merit to their position? How can I draw my opponent closer to me and come to an agreement?” Meet later and re-discuss.

At the end of the day, nobody can win every argument, however it is possible to have both sides walk away feeling better about the situation than when they walked into it. You can’t win every argument, however, by not winning, you’re actually… winning!

See you at the TOP!

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